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$GG is a common phrase used in the gaming space to cheer a fren using “Good Game.” It is also widely used in the crypto world as a sign of respect such as “good going” when a fren makes a fat stack on a new coin or holds like a Chad for that 100x or 1000x life changing play that we all seek to find on our own crypto journey.


Token Name: Good Game

Ticker: $GG

Total Supply: 1 Billion Baby


Final Tax of 1% for marketing budget

LP Locked & Contract Renounce

Stealth Launch


1. Download MetaMask or TrustWallet and send ETH to your Wallet. Make sure it is on the Ethereum Chain.

2. Go to and paste the contract address below to swap ETH for $GG

Official Contract Address: 


OR visit the link Here

3. Confirm and sign any requests to allow for the trade. If transaction keeps failing, try increasing your slippage.


Twitter: @GoodGameERC


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